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It’s Kismet! 

Founded in Berlin, Kismet is a mystical, online lifestyle shop with a sprinkling of elemental magic.

We strive to work only with independent designers and vendors and offer items that are ethically sourced and produced. All of our packaging is recycled and recyclable and some of it can even be put in your bio bin or repurposed as a bird’s nest.

At Kismet we love mysticism, esotericism and unconventional spirituality, but we also love science and psychology! We believe that all these tools can support self-care and personal growth. Our shop is a space for playful inspiration and for open-minded souls to gather and flourish.


Sustainable practices, slow living and fair trade are central to our mission. Kismet sells only ethically sourced and environmentally responsible products. Every product has a story that honors the Earth.


Kismet is an inclusive space for a diverse community seeking a supportive and respectful environment. Science, psychology, mysticism and various spiritual teachings all have much to offer for those on a personal journey to connect with the source.




Urban living and technology have driven human disconnection from natural cycles. Kismet provides the tools to inspire a spiritual journey of reconnection with the self, others and the Earth. We believe in moving beyond exploitative corporate capitalism.

Our story

Joie and Kate have been friends for almost three decades. They met in Boulder, Colorado – the OG for East-meets-West wellness, consciousness and holistic healing movements.

With combined backgrounds in teaching, trend forecasting and cultural anthropology, along with a healthy dose of circling around the planet exploring other cultures, they feel they can inspire, share and impart some of their wisdom with other like-minded individuals around the world.

Joie is a certified Reiki practitioner who has lived in France and South Korea and is drawn to Buddhism, astrology, tarot and dance.

Kate studied massage therapy and is inspired by yoga, paganism, eco psychology, shamanism and earth-based practices she learned in the time she spent living in Uzbekistan and Romania.

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