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Aura crystals are alchemical stones

Authentic aura crystals are created through the process of vapor deposition or electroplating. Metals such as gold, silver or titanium are chemically bonded with the surface of a natural crystal. The result is a beautiful metallic iridescence.

Alchemy is the forerunner of chemistry. Originally, alchemy was an occult science concerned with the process of transmutation. Medieval alchemists were particularly interested in discovering everlasting life and the secret process of convertig base metals into gold. Sadly, they were not able to prove their fascinating hypotheses.

Although vapor deposition and electroplating exist in the real-life world of modern chemistry, aura crystals feel as though they have been magically born through an alchemical process of combination and transformation.

How can I tell if an aura crystal is “real”?

Although all aura crystals are human made, high quality aura crystals will not easily scratch or chip. As a test, you should scratch you fingernail as hard as you can against an aura crystal’s surface. If anything peels or flakes off, you know you have a painted crystal and not a chemically bonded aura crystal.

Vapor deposition and electroplating chemically bond pure metals (not paint) to a crystal’s surface. The result is a very permanent iridescence that will not come off unless the crystal itself is physically damaged or broken.

aura crystal amethyst sphere

Do aura crystals have metaphysical properties?

It is within your power to make your life more magical. Let yourself think magically. Symbolically. Metaphorically. Loosen up and let the boundaries between mundane and magical living become thinner. Invite yourself to see like an artist, to think like a poet. – Robin Rose Bennett

Opinions vary regarding the metaphysical properties of aura crystals. Some feel that the original properties of the base crystal are enhanced and magnified by the chemically bonded metallic coating. Others feel that the heat involved in the process of vapor deposition unpredictably alters a crystal’s energy.

It is impossible to scientifically prove the metaphysical properties of aura crystals. However, we feel that aura crystals have a unique vibrant energy that invites everyday magic into your life.

The best way to select a crystal is to work with your instincts. Does is feel special? Does it call to you? Ultimately, the power of a crystal depends on how it makes you feel.

Types of aura crystals:

Titanium aura

Titanium bonded onto stone brings an additional layer of tenacity and courage. It deepens intuition, strengthens resolve and aids energetic alignment.

Aura Amethyst

Powerful and protective with a high spiritual vibration, just like other forms of amethyst. Healing, cleansing, focusing, balancing… with metallic sparkle.

Aura rose quartz

Pure gold chemically bonded onto natural rose quartz. All the loving and healing energy of rose quartz amplified by the conductive energy of gold.

Aura agate

Very subtle. Stable and grounding agate at a slightly higher energetic vibration.

Aura aqua quartz

A stone of spiritual elevation. The distinctive iridescent blue of aura aqua quartz is the result of pure gold chemically bonded to quartz using electrodeposition.

Aura crystal care

Because of the permanent chemical bond that produces the iridescent “aura”, all aura crystals are quite tough. To physically clean your crystal, it is absolutely fine to wash your crystal with water. Because it is coated in a metal, it is not advisable to make gem elixirs or crystal charged water with an aura crystal.

To energetically cleanse your aura crystal before meditating with it or placing it upon an altar, you have several options. Hold your aura under running water, smudge it with sage or Palo Santo, place it upon a larger piece of selenite or slice of clear quartz or submerge in a natural grain like brown rice. Again, follow your instincts and preferences!

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