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Join us May 26 as local expert Hani takes you on a tour of the neighborhood to learn about the Flora and Fungi of Friedrichshain and then make flower crowns from your harvest!


On this Friday Evening walk, the group will identify and gather some common magical and medicinal plants popping up this time of year all over Berlin. Once everyone has found enough to create wreaths,  you’ll head back to Kismet to weave, twist, and fashion some herbal flower crowns to serve your own desires and manifestations.

Ever wanted to know what weed can serve as a protection ward? Or which flowers can bring good luck? Combining knowledge of Jewish Herbalism and Magic with Ancient Astrological Plant associations we will make beautiful spring sculptures to carry with us and give us strength. At the end of the workshop, you will have a working knowledge of a handful of Berlin common magical herbs, a Mini guide about plant astrology, and a Tiara of whimsy.


About Hani


Hani חאני Esther Indictor Portner (they/them) is a Jewish Witch, Historian, and ethnobotanist living, loving, and learning in Berlin. Hani’s knowledge of history and the uses of edible plants and mushrooms in the places where the horrors of the Shoah were enacted connects the current lives of people living with the ghosts that still live in the petals of the flower of the tree that has been there for a century. Throughout the seasons they lead accessible walks and classes in foraging for the fairy minded. Working with the concepts of Jewish, Queer, Disabled, and Trans time they search for ways to connect fellow humans with the land they live in to better protect our planet and encourage others to make connections with their more than human neighbors all around us. You can learn more about them and look at some of their current offerings and art on their Instagram @the.rainbow.fairy or their website https://haniportner.wixsite.com/myceliummemory

Price for workshop: 65€

When: Friday May 26

Time: 5pm to 8pm

Location: Kismet Berlin
Seumestrasse 8
10245 Berlin

All materials included

Refreshments served

We suggest wearing comfortable shoes and clothing for the walk. If possible, please either bring a mask or take a Covid test at home to protect Hani who is immunocompromised.


17:00 Meet at Kismet Berlin store

17:10 Quick introduction

17:20 Walk begins

18:30 Return to Kismet store & quick break with refreshments

18:50 Flower making workshop begins


Please email us to reserve as there are only 5 spots for this workshop.

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