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Conscious Commerce is Practical Magic

Conscious commerce, waste reduction, slow living and fair trade are central to what we do at Kismet Berlin.

We take the concept ‘As above, so below. As within, so without’ to heart. We know that what goes around comes around. There are many sellers out there who claim to be selling “spiritual wares” whilst not truly walking the walk. Quite frankly, we think this is rather hypocritical! In order for us to inspire and support nourishing relationships it is imperative to be transparent, ethical, fair and honest.

Mysticism and psychological wellness are intimately intertwined with cultivating respect for natural cycles.

Thinking about sourcing, packaging and logistics may not seem to be the most thrilling… but it is essential to the practice of living out our social and spiritual values.

All of our products have a story that honors the Earth

We’re like magpies who love shiny and magical things. However, we know not all that glitters is gold which is why we choose to buy from and support only independent artists, artisans and ethical crystal suppliers.

All of our products have stories that honor the Earth. One relationship at a time, we partner with individuals and companies devoted to respect and care.


Ethical sourcing = Conscious commerce

We are only interested in building long term partnerships with our suppliers.

When it comes to things like crystals, we expect an outstanding degree of transparency from our vendors. All of our crystals are sourced from small scale, non-exploitative and often family run mines. The crystals you buy from us might cost more than something readily available on Etsy, but you can be sure that ours are obtained from artisanal mines as opposed to huge commercial enterprises.

Financial support for independent creators is essential

In order for independent creations to to exist on the market, it is essential to vote with your money. For this reason, we choose to stock only independently created tarot and oracle cards.

We are proud to carry decks that include and represent diverse worldviews. We stand in partnership with the many voices that are often not promoted in mainstream media. Profits from the sales of independent decks benefit the artists directly.

Transparency leads to empowered choices

The values of conscious commerce touch all the sourcing decisions we make, from candles to jewelry to packaging and everything in between.

Incense and cleansing herbs: 100% natural, sustainable and fair trade

Please read our article that illuminates the history and responsible use of Palo Santo.

Candles: Small batch or hand poured from sustainable, natural ingredients

We are particularly smitten with our recent creative collaboration with Officine to produce the limited edition botanical Nowruz Crystal Candle.

Jewelry: All pieces are independently and/or artisanally made

Check out our one-of-a-kind artisanal skull necklaces from the talented creatrix Sophie of Atelier Tsubaa, the talismanic brass serpent earrings from Madonna Oriente or our sterling silver heart with wings bracelet by Dani Paun.

aura crystal amethyst sphere

Environmental responsibility = Conscious commerce

We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and improve current ways of doing business. Environmental responsibility is one of our cornerstone values. Commerce could not become “conscious commerce” without taking a close look at day to day details.

We avoid using plastic like it’s our job

Kismet boxes are made from recycled cardboard and sealed with paper tape or a special transparent polylactic tape, both of which are biodegradable.

Our postcards and most of our stickers are also recycled and biodegradeble. If you do find a piece of plastic or bubble wrap in our packages it has either been recycled or was already included with the product.

The super-protective ‘wood wool’ packing material is designed for shipping delicate items and is made from 100% natural wood and is compost safe, can be used as a BBQ starter, insulation, or can simply be put in your compost pile.

Partnerships are important!

We use noissue. for Kismet Berlin’s packaging, a company seriously devoted to sustainability for all their products.

For those living in the Berlin area, we have also partnered with Green Circle Marketplace + Green Pickup & Delivery. Green Circle is a packaging and emission-free Berlin-only service. It strives to make the exchange of new and second-hand products easy. It functions simultaneously as an online marketplace as well as a climate-neutral delivery service.

It’s encouraging and surprising how small, conscious changes can quickly end exploitative relationships and unnecessary waste. Many of our conscious commerce choices cost us little to no extra money. Intention and the power of choice are tools for integrity well within reach.

Below are a few behind the scenes photos that you will not find elsewhere on our website. The first two photos are customer orders being packed by our house elves (jk, that’s us). The second two are of our Berlin delivery partner, Green Circle. Their emission-free vehicles and reusable green crates to protect packaging-free deliveries are practical magic.

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