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Episode #1 – Sophie of Atelier Tsubaa, Alchemical Artisan


Conversations for the Mystically Curious is a podcast brought to you by hosts Joie and Kate of Kismet Berlin. They interview creators, makers and inspiring people working in the realms of esoteric spirituality, science and the arts.

Sophie is a jeweler and gemologist extraordinaire with a deep spiritual connection to the natural world. At Atelier Tsubaa and Tsubaa Gems, her Paris-based workshop, she co-creates with clients to craft bespoke, soul-inspired talismanic adornment. With 20 years of experience in jewelery and gemology, Sophie has worked for multiple Parisian design houses and was even once a diamond grader.

On this episode, Sophie talks with hosts Joie and Kate from Kismet Berlin about the alchemy of jewelry making, needing to digitally disconnect to practice spellwork as well as the performative magic of Daft Punk. Sophie explains her process of crafting personal rituals and learning to be guided by her instincts. Sophie discusses her deep pagan spiritual practice that feeds into her work and everyday creation.

As a shaman once told her, Sophie felt destined to work with gems and stones. “Since my birth, I was destined to be surrounded by stones and minerals; something from the ground, something that is related to the element of earth. I never had to struggle to find my way. My destiny was always right in front of me and I just had to take the right decision at the crossroads.”

Where to find Sophie Tsubaa: https://en.tsubaagems.com / @ateliertsubaa

You can find a small selection of one-of-a-kind handcrafted skull necklaces by Sophie available for purchase on www.kismetberlin.com

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