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EPISODE #5 – Romana the Intuitive Reiki Master


Conversations for the Mystically Curious is a podcast brought to you by hosts Joie and Kate of Kismet Berlin. They interview creators, makers and inspiring people working in the realms of esoteric spirituality, science and the arts.

The Gentle Tarot

Romana is a Berlin-based Reiki Master

On this episode, we speak to Romana Cottee, a Berlin based Reiki Master and practitioner with her own studio. Throughout her travels around the world and various professions, one thing that Romana always stayed true to was following her instinct and being open to receiving the signs that the universe sent her.

Guided by instinct, she follows her own path

Sometimes terrifying and even spurring life changing decisions, her conviction of following her path never lead her down the wrong one. Ultimately landing her in Berlin and allowing her to quit her day job to practice Reiki on a full time basis.

What exactly is Reiki? Romana breaks it down

During our discussion, Romana breaks down what exactly is Reiki and where it came from, her obsession with Astrology and our mutual fondness for Russell Brand.


www.kismetberlin.com / @kismetberlin

www.withromana.com / @romana.reiki

Music by Tobu Song is Sapphire

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