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Amethyst Spheres

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XS 25mm, 25g | S 30mm, 40g | M 34mm, 70g | L 37mm, 90g | XL 40mm, 125g

mined in Brazil, all sizes are approximate, please allow for some variation

Spheres are a coveted shape as they can be used both for scrying (imagine the classic fortune teller staring into a crystal ball) and they emit energy in all directions.

The powerful and protective energy of amethyst is healing, cleansing, focusing, balancing. It is especially good for connecting with the 3rd eye or when one needs to gain perspective.

These amethyst spheres in various sizes and nuances have beautiful clarity and color. The largest one would look lovely on an altar and the S and XS are easy to slip into a pocket if you need an extra boost of clarity and peace when traveling.




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