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Artisan Tarot – Nicolas Conver Deck

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The classic 1760 Tarot de Marseille deck by Nicolas Conver has been lovingly and meticulously restored by the design duo Artisan Tarot.

Kritsztin Kondor and William Rader, the founders behind Artisan Tarot, set the goal of restoring historic tarot decks thus bringing them back into popularity among modern readers. Due to several re-printings over the years, often copies of decks by Nicolas Conver are blurry with faded colors and missing elements. Artisan Tarot has carefully redrawn and re-colored all the cards returning them to their vibrant glory.

The deck by Nicolas Conver is considered to be one of the oldest Tarot de Marseille. Its first edition was made by using engraving and stencilling and had the distinction of having a lot of blue. Once the 4-color printing machine came along during the industrial revolution, the blue disappeared, making the deck lose some of its esoteric symbolism. This restoration brings these lovely colors back, making it the wonderful divination tool it was intended to be in the past.

As this is Tarot de Marseille, it is a pip deck with all cards in French. Printed in the USA by Shuffled Ink.

Check out a flip through of the deck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rh3kKWMDls

This Deck comes with:

  • 78 cards that are 7 x 10 cm and printed on premium 310gsm card stock
  • An information card in English
  • Sturdy playing card tuck box





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