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Black Moonstone Carved Bowl

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Approx. 110mm long x 25mm high, Madagascar

Black Moonstone is a more recently discovered variety of moonstone, found solely in Madagascar. Black moonstone shares many of the characteristics of regular moonstone: new beginnings, represents the divine feminine, moon cycles etc. But it also has the added element of being highly protective in regards to toxic people and emotions.  This is particularly the case for people close to you as we tend to let our guards down more with them. Black moonstone will help you dispel negativity when it comes to these relationships.

Carved into a lovely bowl shape, place it wherever in your home or workspace where you feel you need some support. Use it to burn herbs in, hold your jewellery or even use it as a soap dish (just no salty water). Black moonstone has the slightest bit of flash, not as obvious as with rainbow moonstone, but enough make it reflect a sort of mysterious light.

You will get the exact piece shown. Jewellery not included.




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