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Skull Necklace – Black & Red

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Gold Bronze alloy skull with black anodization, red cold enamel interior. 70cm antique bronze chain with black finish.

"Life is the way of death, and death is the way of life.” - Chinese Proverb

When the talented creatrix Sophie of Atelier Tsubaa couldn't find her "ideal skull" on the market she decided to create her own. She wanted a shape that was anthropological and a reminder of the importance of life. "Death can be symbolic. It invokes the ideas of transformation, abandon and renewal. Like in the Tarot de Marseille, the card "l'arcane sans nom” or "death" portrays the idea of a pause, as if we were waiting for spring to arrive." she told us when asked about her inspiration behind the collection.

Sophie, who is a certified gemologist and jeweller M.A., has been a precious stone grader and jeweller for multiple prestigious design houses for over 20 years.  She has handcrafted these skulls with careful artistry and each one is unique and has it's own special character. This version has a special anodization that gives it a black patina and is coated in red cold enamel on the the inside. The antique bronze chain is extra long and has also been anodized in black by the artist.

Listen to our podcast interview with Sophie HERE.




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