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Celestial Bodies Oracle

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*** Travel size edition of this deck***

This comprehensive astrology oracle deck by the legendary Devany (creatrix of Serpentfire Tarot) is a deep dive into the cosmos and numerology.

Devany Amber Wolfe drew upon her connection to astrological energies to create this magical piece of oracle artwork that serves both as a learning tool as well as a means to channel messages from the cosmos. It is especially recommended for those with a little astrology knowledge  under their belt and professionals. Devany teamed up with Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology and Kaitlyn Kaerhart, numerologist to create a very comprehensive guidebook (in the travel edition this comes in 2 volumes with a total of 370 pages) to help users unlock the potential of the deck.

Users now have the possibility to access a secret website when they purchase Celestial Bodies. This site has even more information on the deck as well as a community forum and space to ask the creators questions.

Although this is the "travel edition" of the deck, it is very luxurious with a generous size of cards, guidebooks and box as well as a high quality finish.


This deck comes with:

  • 83 cards that are 90mm x 115mm in size
  • 2 piece soft matte box printed inside and out
  • Volume 1 + Volume 2 guidebook with a total of 370 pages
  • A ticket for the Celestial Void Secret Website




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