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Chlorite Quartz Mini Point

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Approximately 30 - 40 mm, mined in States of Bahia and Minas Gerais, Brazil

These high grade polished quartz points contain chlorite inclusions, giving them fascinating aquarium-like scenes trapped inside the crystal. Also known as Phantom Quartz, the inclusions can take on both green and red hues. Thanks to the chlorite, it gives the quartz a different kind of vibration that helps create psychic and spiritual connections. It is prized by energy healers and shamans as it is said to assist you in tuning into your spirit guides and journeying through different planes during meditation. Not only does it help you with higher vibrations, but it also links up with earth energies, making it simultaneously grounding. Use this when you need a powerful tool to help you in your spiritual practice.

Each point is completely unique with its own special beauty. Please allow for variation from piece to piece. 


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