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Crown Chakra Kit

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Includes: 7cm Clear Quartz Wand  + 5ml Organic Clary Sage oil + handmade clay diffuser stone

These little kits prepared lovingly and with intention are perfect when you need tools for a quick Chakra ritual. Pairing the healing powers of crystals and aromatherapy, they can amplify each others properties and are a perfect companion for whenever you want to re-calibrate your energetic flow.

Our Crown Chakra kit containing Clear Quartz and Clary Sage Oil is for those moments you want to find clarity and tune into your inner wisdom, spirituality and the divine.  It it also particularly good if you work with monthly cycles as it said to help regulate menstruation. Clary Sage is in the mint family and has an earthy and herbaceous scent. The clear quartz wand is perfect for directing energy and manifesting. Clear quartz is considered to be one of the most programmable crystals and can hold intentions for long periods at a time. As it is considered the "Master Healer" crystal, it guides you exactly where you need to be in meditation and rituals.

The kit also contains a handmade clay diffuser stone as well as an information card with various ways to use the different tools.




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