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Desert Illuminations Tarot

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We love the mixed visual motifs of this stylish and unexpected deck, including archetypes based upon retro cowboys, country music, native American/Mexican art and rainbows... as well as a sprinkling of extraterrestrials!

Based on the classic Rider Waite system, Desert Illuminations Tarot is a 78 card deck that aims to inspire with the imagery and motifs that make the American Southwest a unique and important cornerstone of culture and art. Lindsay D. Williams, creatrix of the deck, is an American artist living in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. She is influenced by 60s/70s psychedelic art, folk art, spiritualism, human psychology, and her love of the desert cultural landscape mixed with retro Americana.
Each suite of the Minor Arcana follows a specific theme set within a colorful desert landscape. Pentacles = CACTUS // Swords = DAGGERS // Cups = JUGS // Wands = CHILES

This deck comes with:

78 durable Casino grade cards in a flip top box with a fold out informational pamphlet.






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