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Dirt Gems Oracle

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This second edition of the the cult favorite DIRT GEMS ORACLE DECK by Anne Louise Burdett & Chelsea Granger will help you connect with plant magic and better understand our "green allies". 

We had been eagerly waiting to offer these decks as we had personally tested them out when the first edition was available. The artists have created a system that acts as a channel to better understand plants by combining the elements, weather patterns, alchemy, and energetic signatures and symbols. Whether you are into herbalism, plant medicine or simply appreciating the energy of the natural world, you will resonate with this deck.

The quality of this oracle is outstanding from the sturdy velvet matte box and card-stock,  to the shiny gold edging and the separate 165 page guidebook which gives extensive information for each card.

This Deck comes with:

  • 65 cards measuring 7cm x 12cm with gilded edges
  • 2 piece sturdy box
  • 165 page 12cm x 19cm guidebook




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