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Electric Aura Obsidian Point

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Approx. 85mm tall x 60mm wide

Electric aura obsidian combines an uplifting and otherworldly vibration with energetically powerful obsidian. Through the alchemical process of vapor deposition, titanium and other trace metals are bonded with the obsidian's surface to produce a powerful iridescent hybrid.  This point reminds us of something Buffy would use to slay vampires (for those of you who watched TV in the 90s).

Used by humans around the world since the Stone Age, obsidian lacks a crystalline structure and is in fact a type of “natural glass” formed by hardened volcanic lava. It’s edges can be chipped into razor-sharp blades or it can be polished into a smooth, mirror-like surface. Thought to be highly protective yet brutally honest, obsidian’s energy is not gentle. Rather, it encourages grounding into the earth to discover the root of any problem or imbalance.

Unlike dyed crystals, this obsidian point retains a vibrant, special energy that results from the synergy of titanium trace metals and ancient volcanic glass. Please allow for some variation from piece to piece. Each flat-based electric aura obsidian point has its own unique form and pattern.


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