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Emerald Calcite Chip

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1 chip approx 50g, consciously sourced in Mexico

Green emerald calcite comes exclusively from Mexico or Brazil and is considered a powerful "healer of the heart". These chips seem to glow from within and have the loveliest of minty greens tones. They are smooth to the touch and almost feel like a heavy glass. Thanks to its size and properties, this is a good stone to carry with you if you are a frequent meditator or in need of a mood boost. Hold it to you heart and breathe in a few times, and it will recalibrate your heart chakra and clear out the cobwebs in all of your chakras. It is also an excellent stone to take outside to meditate with in the forest or by the sea.

No two chips are alike, so please allow for some variation. 


Mental Wellbeing


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