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Funny Little Lizard Tarot

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The Funny Little Lizard Tarot by artist Kaitlyn Taylor is a cute but also clever hommage to the Rider Waite Smith deck... the humans have been replaced by lizards!

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, this deck is colourful, fun and easy to use. The color palette is vibrant and almost neon and the drawings of a myriad of lizards show that Kaitlyn really knows her stuff when it comes to all things lizards (she attributes this to her Florida origins where many lizards roam free). Although the name of the suits have remained the same, the symbols have been cheekily replaced:

Wands = worms
Cups = eggs
Swords = branches
Coins = raspberries

Perhaps one could view this as a niche deck, but Kaitlyn's simultaneous understanding of the tarot system along with her fun drawings make this an exciting and fresh take on tarot.

This Deck Comes with:

  • 78 - 120 mm x 70mm cards on high quality 350gsm paper with mint green matte edging
  • Playing card style tuck box
  • 98 page guidebook with meanings and spreads




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