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Ghetto Tarot

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An empowering photographic interpretation of the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck replicated with the creative collective ‘Atis Rezistans’ in Haitian slums using only locally found materials.

The accompanying guide booklet is part artist statement, part tarot guide. We love how this deck is a cross-cultural creative collaboration that aims to empower, transmute stereotypes and elevate. The message is hopeful and visionary.  

“We can give ourselves the freedom to create our own reality! Haitian artists have made use of this freedom by turning trash into art. The Ghetto Tarot project aims to reach beyond cultural boundaries of prejudice and ignorance to achieve a much-needed transformation of the collective conscious perception of the ghetto whilst discovering the power of our own thoughts.”

This deck comes with:

  • 78 large cards measuring 135 mm x 90 mm with beautiful Hatian Vodou veve symbols on the back. 
  • An accompanying guide booklet with tarot card meanings and information about the mission of the creative collective Atis Rezistans.




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