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Gold Rutilated Quartz Choker

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12mm rutilated quartz & sterling silver heart pendant, 14" sterling silver elongated diamond cut trace chain

Crystal energy x 90s style! This GOLD RUTILATED QUARTZ HEART CHOKER is for those seeking a simple yet powerful crystal talisman. The lightweight sterling silver chain is meant to be worn choker style, a la ‘The Craft’.

Golden rutile embedded in clear quartz breaks down barriers and helps you let go of the past. It can also help soothe dark moods, heal and stimulate growth. Needle-like streaks of trace iron give this quartz its unique appearance.

Be aware this choker is designed to sit right on the neck may not fit everyone the same - please measure the circumference of your own neck to be sure of the fit. 14" = 35.5cm


Mental Wellbeing

Energy Work

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