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Good Vibes Only Kit

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We created this transformation kit for those seeking to confront shadows and alchemize difficult emotions. Use these elements together or separately to purify, protect and renew. This bundle includes each of the following:

BLOODSTONE: Protective like black tourmaline, energizing like clear quartz and grounding like hematite. Mysterious bloodstone has a dramatic name and a long history of use. With the unique ability to transmute negative energy and purify a space while protecting it at the same time, it is a favorite of Feng Shui practitioners. ***We have a limited quantity available on our site only as part of this kit.

BLACK CONE CANDLE: Self-standing 23cm cone with petrol-free paraffin and a 13 hour slow burn. Contrary to associating “darkness” with evil, black candles are powerful and protective. Burn black candles when you want to absorb hostility, alchemize difficult feelings and transform negative energy.

ETHICALLY SOURCED PALO SANTO: Burn our Peruvian Palo Santo to create a pleasant, uplifting and soothing smoke that will energetically clear and reset your space. To amplify its effect, put a positive intention into the smoke before cleansing yourself, a sacred object or the surrounding space.


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