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Green Glyphs Lenormand 2nd Edition

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*** The Lenormand Decks have arrived! Please order before August 9th if you wish to receive it right away. After this date, the e-commerce shop will be closed until August 27th for maternity leave and all orders will be shipped after that date. Thanks for your understanding.***

James R Eads is back with one of his most highly anticipated yet: the Green Glyphs collection. For this collection he created 2nd Edition of his popular Lenormand deck. 

The Green Glyphs collection is a culmination of 10 years of work around ideas of Divination. James R Eads wanted to create a selection of tools to be able to explore different methodologies around this practice.

This Lenormand deck is based on the traditional cards dating back to 1800. It includes 36 pictorial symbols that allow the user to tell a story and offer insight into the future.

This Deck includes:

  • 41 cards with prismatic gold gilded edges
  • custom yellow box
  • 80-page guidebook




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