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Green Glyphs Lenormand

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The GREEN GLYPHS LENORMAND by JAMES R EADS is based on the legacy of Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, a renowned 18th-century fortune teller from France. ***We have a limited quantity of this special deck***

The original cards were designed by Johan Kaspar Hechtel and published in 1799 under the name of the “The Game of Hope.” Marie Anne Lenormand was considered to be one of the greatest cartomancers of all time and did readings for high ranking officials during the French Revolution. She was also a figure of controversy and her writings often landed her in prison.

Following her death, her name and legacy continued on through divinatory card games, most notably the Game of Hope, where the cards are laid out in a grid to create a sort of divinatory tableau for the querant. James R Eads has continued the tradition with his gorgeous recreation of the deck that is housed in a high quality box. A collector's piece for sure!

This deck comes with: 

  • 40 high-quality cards (6,35cm x 8,9cm ) printed on 350gsm soft-touch matte paper
  • 102mm x 178mm magnetic flip-top box with a tray for cards to fit snugly inside.
  • 80 page full color guide




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