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Green Glyphs Runes

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*** The Rune Decks have arrived! Please order before August 9th if you wish to receive it right away. After this date, the e-commerce shop will be closed until August 27th for maternity leave and all orders will be shipped after that date. Thanks for your understanding.***

James R Eads is back with one of his most highly anticipated yet: the Green Glyphs collection. For this collection he created a brand new Runes set.

The Green Glyphs collection is a culmination of 10 years of work around ideas of Divination. James R Eads wanted to create a selection of tools to be able to explore different methodologies around this practice.

This set is based on the early nordic Elder Futhark Runes system. As James R Eads found it sometimes challenging to work with Runes, he created cards that helps better understand the name and meanings of the Runes. These symbols date back a millennia but still remain relevant today.

This Deck includes:

  • 23 cards with prismatic gold gilded edges
  • custom orange box
  • 65-page guidebook
  • 4 Runic dice




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