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Heart Chakra Kit

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Includes: 50mm Raw Madagascar Rose Quartz  + 5ml Organic Bergamot oil + handmade clay diffuser stone

These little kits prepared lovingly and with intention are perfect when you need tools for a quick Chakra ritual. Pairing the healing powers of crystals and aromatherapy, they can amplify each others properties and are a perfect companion for whenever you want to re-calibrate your energetic flow.

Our Heart Chakra kit containing raw rose quartz and Bergamot Oil is for when you want to promote self-love, boost your confidence and reduce anxiety. Bergamot oil is a joyful scent that helps uplift one's spirit and restores balance. It has a bright citrus smell with a floral finish. Rose quartz is a powerhouse of a crystal as it is good for so many things: healing, soothing, stress reducing, love inducing... integrate it into your life wherever you feel there needs to be more love and kindness.

The kit also contains a handmade clay diffuser stone as well as an information card with various ways to use the different tools.




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