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Here Comes the Sun Kit

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We created this uplifting kit for those seeking to connect with solar energy. Use these elements together or separately to ritually welcome the return of the sunlight and warmth. This bundle includes each of the following:

RAW CITRINE: Natural raw citrine is warming, happy, generous and energizing - just like the sun. It attracts and manifests balanced abundance. Citrine is special in that it that never needs cleaning because it absorbs, transmutes and grounds negative energy. ***We have a limited quantity available on our site only as part of this kit.

SAFFRON YELLOW CONE CANDLE: Self-standing 23cm cone from ester & erik with petrol-free paraffin and a 13 hour slow burn. Saffron yellow makes us think of turmeric and golden hour. The color resonates with joy, abundance and the solar plexus.

HAND-ROLLED COPAL INCENSE: Use copal’s white smoke to relax, cleanse and create sacred space or support your contemplative practice. Each artisanal stick burns longer than many other varieties of stick incense, lasting up to 90 minutes. Contains 8 incense sticks hand-rolled in Mexico using natural copal resin and charcoal.




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