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Herkimer Diamond L

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These beautiful double-terminated quartz crystals are hand mined by the lovely husband and wife team known as ‘Him & Herk’ in upstate New York, USA. Read more about their rockhounding adventures in the New York Times article ‘Got Crystals?’ (October 2020).

An increasingly coveted form of clear quartz, Herkimer diamonds are close to five hundred million years old and have a natural diamond-like geometrical shape. Clear quartz is regarded as a master-healer because of its neutrality and versatility. Classical Chinese Medicine healers work with quartz because of its ability to absorb, store and transmit qi.

Each photo in this listing represents a unique crystal. Prices are set based on a combination of weight (ranging from 3.2g - 6.8g) and purity of form. You will receive the exact stone shown here, respective to your selection. The exact price for you selection will be shown automatically when you select Choice: one, two, three or four.

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