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Lilifer Tarot Gold Edition

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LILIFER TAROT is the tarot deck created by Marion Costentin, the artist behind the RECLAIM ORACLE and founder of Little Dark Press. Lilifer Tarot is the perfect deck for those who prefer to use tarot intuitively and enjoy integrating concepts of astrology, numerology and symbolism into their practice. This GOLD EDITION features some beautiful aesthetic updates. 

This versatile deck is great for a variety of practices as it borrows from both the Tarot de Marseille and Rider Waite Smith systems. Each card also contains element signs, zodiac and planetary symbols as well as sacred colors, shapes, archetypes and numbers. Anyone who along with their tarot practice is also interested in spellwork, astrology, numerology lr the occult will appreciate this deck.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and feature both animal and humanoid like creatures that were entirely painted in watercolor. The order of the deck has also been changed so the Queens sit atop each suit: reflecting the creator's desire to reestablish order in over patriarchal world. The accompanying guidebook focuses more on prompts and key words to help the user interpret the cards intuitively.

This new version features gold foil framing framing on all cards, a heavier casino grade card stock, a lidded box and a full color guidebook. It was originally funded on Kickstarter where it well surpassed its funding goal.

This deck comes with: 

  • 80 cards that measure 70x110mm, 300gsm, gold foil, matte lamination
  • Lid-bottom box, gold foil, matte lamination
  • Booklet: 72 pages, 10x110mm, full color, glue binding

In addition to the 22 major arcana + 56 minor arcana cards, it comes with a Lilith and Lucifer card. The deck was sustainably printed on FSC certified paper stock with eco-friendly soy-based inks.



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