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Magic of I. 2024 Pocket Planner – Sage

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The Magic of I. 2024 astrological planner helps you live each day in alignment with the cosmos. This year's theme continues with the them of  Astromycology: our Fungi friends who are nature's true alchemists.

This 284 page planner is perfect for beginning astrologers as well as experts. This year's theme of Astro-mycology connects the heavens to the earth. An 8 page guide helps ou make connections between the medicinal benefits of fungi with signs and planets.

This is the pocket size planner that is A6 size. It has a vegan leather cover with holographic details.

This Planner includes:

  • January to December
  • Optimum Times Life Guide™
  • 2024 intentions yearly planning work book
  • Yearly overview calendar
  • Monthly goals + intentions
  • Weekly goals + actionable steps
  • Menstrual cycle tracking with the moon
  • Weekly 7 day planner
  • General holiday dates
  • 2024 & 2025 calendar
  • A learning tool for beginners
  • A tracking tool for Astrologers




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