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Meraki Tarot

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Kerri Snook of Bouchette Design has just released her much anticipated third edition of the Meraki Tarot: a beautifully whimsical interpretation of the Rider Waite Smith that features animals, nature and crystal magic.

MERAKI is a greek word that translates to:
"To do something with soul, creativity and love; to put the essence of yourself into your work."

The Meraki Tarot is playfully and beautifully illustrated using digital design tools. It is a great deck for beginners thanks to its symbolic and accessible nature. Although the creator Kerri Snook is heavily influenced by Thoth methodology, the cards themselves match the meanings of the RWS deck. Kerri is also an expert in crystals and loves integrating them into her practice (see her gorgeous Radiant Crystal deck) and has also associated their meanings with each card of this tarot deck.

The Deck contains 101 cards which is comprised of the 78 traditional tarot cards, as well as informational cards and bonus oracle cards!

This deck comes with:

  • 78 card traditional tarot deck + 1 Cover Card + 1 The Meraki extra major arcana + 13 informational cards + 8 oracle cards that can be used with the deck or on their own
  • All cards are 70mm x 120mm, printed on 350GSM card stock in soft matte finish with turquoise edging
  • 2 piece spot gloss / matte finish box




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