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Mexican Fluorite Moon

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Approx. 60mm x 20 mm, ethically mined and hand carved in Mexico

Mexican Fluorite is a special thanks to its chevron banding and watery greens, blues and purples. These little moons are perfect to embody the intuitive properties of fluorite. 

Fluorite is a wonderful stone to work with you want to activate your third eye and perform rituals that tap into perception and intuition. Thanks to its many colours, it supports on different levels.

Green fluorite grounds excess energy and helps support emotional trauma.

Blue fluorite aids with communication and intuitive insights.

Purple fluorite stimulates the third eye (anja chakra).

Clear fluorite helps align all the chakras.

Because of fluorite's ability to absorb negative energies, it should be well cared for and smudged or otherwise cleansed frequently. Please allow for some natural variation from piece to piece.

All Chakras


Energy Work

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