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Millennial Tarot

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Millennial Tarot by Brooklyn based artist Scott Bergman is a tool that can help the user with their journey of adulting because "the struggle is real".

At first glance, one might think this is a humorous, gimmicky deck. Although there are certainly some cards that will make you giggle, the meanings assigned to the various cards of the RWS tarot system are scarily accurate for this generation. Topics such as generational wealth, insta-fame, the patriarchy, social justice, microdosing, burnout, self care, imposter syndrome and many more really hit home for those born between 1980 and 1995.

Furthermore the suits have been cleverly renamed as well:

Swords = Vibes
Cups = Feels
Swords = Thoughts
Coins = Swag

The thoughtfulness of this deck doesn't end there: Each suit has been color coded and the original symbols for swords, cups, wands and coins are there to guide you, along with astrological references, the 4 elements and keywords. The artwork is timeless and beautiful and will survive well beyond the time that avocado toast is a joke on TikTok.

Finally it wouldn't be a true millennial deck if it didn't respect diversity: "The deck also includes trigger-free language, making it accessible and safe for all users. The imagery in the cards showcases LGBTQIA, multi-racial, body size, and accessibility diversity, reflecting the beauty and diversity of the Millennial generation."

Please be advised that although the deck is sturdy, the edges are raw so the cards will naturally show some wear over time.

This Deck Comes with:

  • 78 - 140 mm x 890 mm cards on high quality paper and raw matte edging
  • Playing card style tuck box
  • 2 extra cards for spreads and a QR code that leads to a digital guidebook




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