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Nocturna Oracle

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A mysterious oracle deck focusing on plants, animals and nocturnal energy that lends itself to intuitive readings. Pairs beautifully with the Anima Mundi tarot although it has its own distinct feeling and symbolic imagery. 

The Nocturna Oracle Deck is made by the creator of Anima Mundi Tarot. It focuses mostly on plants and animals that are active at night. The deck starts with a "dusk" card and progressively cycles through to the ending of night with a "dawn" card. The deck can be read on its own, as an accompaniment to tarot or other divinatory practice. 

This deck comes with:

  • 48 cards measuring 132 mm x 82 mm featuring artwork created and originally painted using acrylic.
  • An accompanying guidebook, offering optional suggestions on how to interpret the cards.




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