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Orange Banded Calcite

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S 55mm tall 111g | M 70mm tall 145g | L 100mm tall 195g; mined in Brazil

Before we get into the metaphysical properties and such, we would just like to point out that when we look at these, we think of delicious orange creamsicles... probably best to not lick them though.

Perhaps the orange creamsicle comparison is not completely ridiculous, as orange calcite is the crystal equivalent of a daily dose of vitamin C. It is excellent for when you want to boost your energy, experience more happiness and joy, amplify your awareness and concentration and improve your focus. When orange calcite is "banded" like the ones we have, they are said to ward off negative energy from one's body and assist in spiritual growth.

An excellent place for this stone would be on a desk especially if you are studying for an exam, writing your thesis, or working on a big project.

Orange calcite is sensitive to water, so best to cleanse with sacred smoke or sunshine. You will receive the stone pictured (by size).


Energy Work


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