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Pink Amethyst Geode

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70g, mined in Argentina

We knew we had something special on our hands when we obtained these super rare pink amethyst geodes. Look into it, and you feel you have been transported into some magical and sparkly unicorn cave!

First of all, yes, pink amethyst is 100% natural and real (ours are for sure, but beware of fakes on the market). It is not treated, and it is not rose quartz but a rare form of Amethyst that gets it color from hematite that has entered the crystalline structure when it was still deep within the earth. It is mined in one specific area in Argentina making it a very rare mineral.

As this crystal has been more recently discovered (in 2019 to be exact), its full meaning is still not known. Its open-ended future makes it a powerful crystal for anyone who works with it. Some say that it is a softer version of purple amethyst. Whereas the former focuses more on higher and psychic realms, pink amethyst is more grounding and nurturing, filling the user's heart with love and opening it up to new possibilities. It is especially good to ease anxiety and corresponds to the crown, third eye and heart chakra.

As these are a marvel of nature, no two are like. Please expect variations: some pieces can be more round with bigger stalactites, others can be more rectangular with smaller stalactites. As they are delicate in nature, there can also be slight shedding, so please handle with care. 




Mental Wellbeing

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