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Pink Onyx Calcite Cloud

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10cm x 1.5cm, Mined and carved in Mexico

These clouds are so adorable we almost didn't want to sell them! Their color evokes cotton candy and cherry blossoms with little flecks that sparkle when the light hits it. These pieces were responsibly sourced in Mexico where local artisans lovingly carved them.

Pink Onyx is actually another term for Mexican calcite. You also might be familiar with it as an interior design element, as often pink marble flooring or counter tops are made of this rare and gorgeous stone.

It is good for releasing negative emotions and heightening your intuition. Pink Onyx in particular is very healing and is said to ward off nightmares, so we suggest placing it on a nightstand. It also can be used as a slab for candles, smudges or incense, or simply as a gorgeous decorative object as it is self standing.


Mental Wellbeing


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