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Poesis Oracle

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A poetic, soulful and psychologically deep oracle deck by the award winning Hong Kong-born, Vancouver-raised visual artist and illustrator Andrea Wan.

POESIS is designed to call us within when we have questions, trusting that we already have all the answers in the center of our being. The artist has created a unique system consisting of 77 cards that act as guidance in moments of indecision. Going off of concepts often found in the realms of psychology, the deck strives to appeal to not just those who use tarot or oracle as divinatory tools, but something that can be used by anyone from a multitude of spiritual backgrounds. They can be a jumping off point for inspiration, self-reflection, or even storytelling in group work.

This is the first deck by visual artist Andrea Wan, who's work has been shown in galleries around the planet and is particularly famous for her gorgeous large-scale murals in cities such as Vancouver, Annecy, Rome and our own Berlin (where she also lived for 8 years).

Each card also corresponds to a poem which can be found in a digital library on the Poesis website. The cards read brilliantly on their own or can be easily combined with various free-form tarot spreads.


This deck comes with:

A 2-part box with a velvety matte finish

77 durable 7 x 12cm cards printed in 330 gsm stock that are glossy and sturdy and shuffle like a dream.

An accompanying instruction guide.




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