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Premium Palo Santo – Colombia

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Length varies, each piece is unique - between 15 - 18cm

Bursera Graveolens is better known in Spanish as Palo Santo, meaning "holy wood". It is a wild and sacred tree native to Latin America that has been used for thousands of years during shamanic rituals to purify and cleanse.

This particular Palo Santo is ethically sourced from an indigenous Arhuaco region of Colombia. It is collected exclusively from aged, naturally fallen trees around the Caribbean coast close to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Each piece is larger than most sticks on the market and sold individually.

We are simply blown away by its quality! We feel fortunate to partner with a supplier who has Colombian roots and ties to the Arhuaco people. This wood is very special and we feel honored to offer it to you. It is slightly sticky to the touch and burns beautifully, emitting a fragranced smoke that will leave a lasting scent for several hours. You will receive one extra large stick.

Read more about Palo Santo here.



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