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Radiant Crystal Bundle

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Save when you purchase the Radiant Crystal Cards and Crystal Grid cloth as as a set!

Radiant Crystal Cards is an original and well thought out deck for anyone wanting to integrate the power of crystals into their practice. The cards are simultaneously artistic and informational. Using a combination of photography and graphic design, each card portrays a crystal with a splash of colors that represent its place on the color spectrum and correlating chakras. On the backside of each car is information about its spiritual properties, chakras, astrological and plant correspondences as well as an affirmation.

The Radiant Crystal Cloth not only serves the more traditional purposes of an altar cloth (decorative, a means to wrap your deck or place to lay your cards) but it also has a printed crystal grid that serves as an easy-to-use guide of where to place your crystals.

*crystals not included




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