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Radiant Crystal Cards 2nd Edition

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This sumptuously illustrated crystal oracle deck by Bouchette Design is both an educational as well divinatory tool offering insight into the multiple meanings and properties of crystals. This is the 2nd edition of her deck that has an updated box and format.

Radiant Crystal Cards is an original and well thought out deck for anyone wanting to integrate the power of crystals into their practice. The cards are simultaneously artistic and informational. Using a combination of photography and graphic design, each card portrays a crystal with a splash of colors that represent its place on the color spectrum and correlating chakras. On the backside of each car is information about its spiritual properties, chakras, astrological and plant correspondences as well as an affirmation.

The deck is a joy to work with between its sturdy, satin finish and its turquoise edging. The cards can be used in a multitude of ways: as flashcards to learn the meanings of crystals, as an oracle deck, a one card pull or even as a manifestation tool as you can place the corresponding crystals on top of the cards to amplify their energy in rituals.

This deck comes with:

  • 80 Crystal Cards + 1 Cover Card
  • 4 Informational cards on how to use the deck, chakras and suggestions for crystal grids
  • All cards are 70mm x 120mm, printed on 350GSM card stock in soft matte finish with turquoise edging
  • 2 piece spot gloss / matte finish box




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