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Reclaim Journal

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Created by Marion Costentin, artist and founder of Little Dark Press,  the Reclaim Journal is self exploration tool that helps bridge spiritual and mental health.

This journal is wonderful safe space for creative self-expression. It allows the user to explore their inner child, their body and their story though both prompts and visual expression. It also contains an illustrated introduction to emotional healing, instructions on how to use the journal, and 100 double-pages to explore a large spectrum of feelings and emotions through writing and art.

Reclaim is also gender neutral and body positive, representing beings in a multitude of shapes and forms thus making it easy for everyone to work with. Although the oracle deck works well with this journal, the journal was created as a standalone tool that doesn't require the use of the oracle deck. 

  • 212 page Soft Cover Journal
  • 18 x 23 cm with a faux leather cover, an elastic strap and a pocket



Mental Wellbeing

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