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Reclaim Oracle Bundle

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Save when you buy the Journal + Deck! Created by Marion Costentin, artist and founder of Little Dark Press, she made the Reclaim Oracle as a tool for shadow work; to help with emotional healing and wellbeing on a deeper level. The Reclaim Journal helps you take your practice even further.

It's easy to see why the Reclaim Oracle has been such a hit. We fell in love with it immediately thanks to its illustrations that are simultaneously loving, playful and empowering. Furthermore, it's how Marion interprets the meanings of complex emotions on a visual level that is really what makes this deck special. As a result, the deck can be used in numerous ways and settings: as a self-help tool, an accompaniment to Tarot, help unblock memories from the past, inspire creativity etc.

As with the Oracle Deck, the journal is a means to connect both spiritual and mental health work. It contains space and prompts for personal expression, and allows the user to explore their inner child, their body and their story in a safe and creative way.

Reclaim is also gender neutral and body positive, representing beings in a multitude of shapes and forms thus making it easy for everyone to work with. The deck was entirely hand-drawn digitally.

This Bundle comes with: 

  • 90 cards (7.6cm x 10cm) printed on 400gsm stock with matte finish and rounded edges
  • 2 information cards in English, one of which certifies its authenticity.
  • 112 page color guidebook with meanings and spreads
  • 212 page Soft Cover Journal with a faux leather cover, an elastic strap and a pocket



Mental Wellbeing

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