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Reclaim Oracle

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The much loved RECLAIM ORACLE has just been re-released in this 2022 edition. Created by Marion Costentin, artist and founder of Little Dark Press, she created this deck as a tool for shadow work; to help with emotional healing and wellbeing on a deeper level. 

It's easy to see why the Reclaim Oracle has been such a hit. We fell in love with it immediately thanks to its illustrations that are simultaneously loving, playful and empowering. Furthermore, it's how Marion interprets the meanings of complex emotions on a visual level that is really what makes this deck special. As a result, the deck can be used in numerous ways and settings: as a self-help tool, an accompaniment to Tarot, help unblock memories from the past, inspire creativity etc.

Reclaim is also gender neutral and body positive, representing beings in a multitude of shapes and forms thus making it easy for everyone to work with. The deck was entirely hand-drawn digitally.

This deck comes with: 

  • 90 cards (7.6cm x 10cm) printed on 400gsm stock with matte finish and rounded edges
  • 2 information cards in English, one of which certifies its authenticity.
  • 112 page color guidebook with meanings and spreads



Mental Wellbeing

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