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Selenite Moon Bowl

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Approx. 8.5cm x 4.5cm x 3cm, polished Selenite from Morocco 

This pure selenite bowl is the perfect place to store and recharge your crystals, crystal jewelry or to rest your smudges.

Translucent and calm, selenite brings clarity of mind and is said to inhabit a place between light and matter. It can gently assist with judgement and insight, clearing confusion and stabilizing erratic emotions. It is fantastic for cleansing and also charges other crystals that come in contact with it. Any crystal lover needs some selenite in their life!

Shaped like lovely, glowing crescent moon, this bowl is particularly good when you want to do moon rituals or spellwork relating to cycles.

You can safely wipe down selenite with water but submerging is not advisable as it can dissolve over time. Other crystals in photos not included.



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