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Septarian Sphere

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approx 300g, mined in Madagascar

When we first saw these spheres we were instantly mesmerized. Sometimes nature just produces things that are beyond are imaginations. This rare mineral is also appropriately called Dragon's Egg as it looks exactly like something out of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. It's creation is a thing of wonder as well. Formed around 50 to 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, sea life attracted to molten sediment from volcanos essentially crystallised making these mud nodules! It is composed of Aragonite (the brown part), Calcite (the yellow striations) and Limestone (the gray bits).

As one can imagine, a crystal with such a powerful origin story also is a powerful tool to work with. If you need to tap into your root chakra, this mineral gives you a one way ticket to Mother Earth. It will help you channel energy up through all of your chakras encouraging spiritual awakening and significant change in your life. They also help with healing on a deep level and are excellent to meditate with. If you want to really boost its energy, pair it with a piece of clear quartz to amplify.

Even though it was formed at least 50 million years ago, please be advised there is fossilized organic matter in these crystals.




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