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She Wolfe Tarot

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***4th Edition - limited quantities available***

This cult favorite by Devany Amber Wolfe was named one of the most feminist tarot decks and has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Nylon and InStyle. The 4th edition has been updated to be even more diverse and body positive than ever. The ever evolving deck features images of both women and some men embodying archetypes in a way that feels natural to them. "The result is a robust, organic body of work that comes together to celebrate not only the divine feminine but the human form."

This deck follows the Thoth Tarot system and is therefore recommended for more experienced readers. The dreamy artwork, pastel colors and symbology makes it a loving and supportive deck to work with. It also includes an extensive guidebook which helps better decipher the deck.

This Deck comes with:

  • 78 Tarot Cards + 2 Secret Arcana Cards that are 125mm x 87mm with rose gold edging
  • 2 piece soft matte box printed inside and out
  • 200 page guidebook




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