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Smells Like Spells Rune Candle – Hag

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The Rune candle collection from the wonderfully witchy brand SMELLS LIKE SPELLS from Lithuania, is a series of scented candles that also are imbued with candle magic. The black Hag candle is like the burnable version of Tourmaline: cleansing all negative and toxic energy from your home. 

The Hag candle has a gorgeous blend of scents that have been intentionally selected for everything to do with purification and protection of the home as well as support in dispelling negative thoughts and emotions. Juniper is known to ward off evil spirits, Rosemary fights against weariness and depression, and Myrrh is a sacred herb that is excellent for mental clarity.

The candle has also been carved with symbols relating to the rune Hagalaz attributed to the deity Hag in Norse mythology. Hag was known to destroy all negative energy from ourselves and from others.

  • Made from natural soy wax
  • 35 hour burn time




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