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Smells like Spells – The Magician Candle

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From SMELLS LIKE SPELLS, based in Lithuania, the magical handmade candles are inspired by the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Their scents and intentions have been paired with the symbolism of the cards. 

This candle coincides with card 1 of the Major Arcana: The Magician. Just like its namesake, this candle is for the person that is a master of many skills as they say the magician knows how to use all four elements. It's also a great candle to burn when you are looking to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

The Magician Candle has a beautiful blend of Bergamot, Mimosa and Orchid for the top notes, Coriander and Saffron for the heart notes and Cedar and Juniper for the Base Notes.

These candles have a 60 hour burn time and come in a reusable food safe porcelain pot with lid. They also come with the corresponding Tarot card, designed by Smells Like Spells, the meaning behind the different scents use and rituals and intentions that can be done with the candle.





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