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Solar Amethyst Crystal Candle

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120ml all natural hand-poured + dressed botanical candle with a 36 hour slow burn.

Kismet Berlin and Officine are excited to bring you another limited edition mystical collaboration! This luscious amethyst-inspired candle was created in honor of the Summer Solstice. Imagine long, sun-drenched days imbued with rose, violet and lilac intertwined with musk, ritual incense and ancient labdanum.

Each hand-poured candle is made from 100% organic French rapeseed wax and botanically derived scents. It is then magically dressed with purple mallow flowers and natural amethyst. We suggest charging this candle with your own intentions and burning it in ritual to celebrate abundance and long summer days.

Berlin made, vegan, organic and paraffin-free French rapeseed wax, all-botanical scents, organic mallow flowers (Malva sylvestris), ethically mined amethyst

Learn more abut Celine, creatrix of Officine and this candle, by listening to our podcast interview with her HERE.




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