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Somnia Tarot + Guidebook

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SOMNIA TAROT by Nicolas Bruno is a dark and mysterious interpretation of the RWS Tarot system. In the midst of the pandemic he created haunting vignettes by the means of hyperreal photography.

When we first saw the Somnia Tarot over a year ago, it was love at first site. Unfortunately at that time they weren't yet available for wholesale so fast forward a year to when Nicolas has graciously printed more so we could finally get our hands on them!

This deck is a majestic interpretation of the 78 card tarot system and Jungian archetypes. Combining sculpture, costume design, dream and nightmare journaling and photography, the artist managed to capture the subconscious and shadows that lurk in us all. Enlisting the help of his family and friends in the middle of the pandemic, he shot the images in the marshlands of Long Island, New York.

Nicolas' images will linger with you long after you look at them as they tap into layers of meaning all of us can resonate with. The Guidebook helps you take a deeper look into each card and the artist's interpretation of the meanings.

This Bundle comes with:

  • 78 Cards 400gsm stock measuring 76mm x 127mm
  • Sturdy 2 piece box with linen finish + blue gauze bag
  • 16 page black and white booklet with backstory and key words for each card
  • 170 page full color soft cover guidebook measuring 21.5cm x 14cm




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